A positive frame of mind has always been my motto and motivation towards leading an active lifestyle. During my early years I was raised in the small town of Jarabacoa located in central Dominican Republic.

Now living in NYC, It wasn’t until the age of 22 years old, that I became interested in fitness and working out. I had a friend who was into weight training; one day I picked up one of his fitness magazines and became fascinated by the strong, fit sexy bodies of the women being featured.  I too wanted to look that way so I joined a local gym in my neighborhood and started training. I continued to work out on and off for years. I made slight changes to my body, but not the changes I was hoping for.

I was busy with school and had a full time job at the time and training was left on the back burner…. It wasn’t until I graduated from Nursing School In April of 2009, and having a set a working schedule that allowed me to really focus and dedicate serious time to the gym.

I would train 5-6x a week, concentrating on lifting weights and doing

cardio 3x a week. I completely changed my body in six months, as a result of my hard work I now had a six pack!. I posted some pictures on one of my social media pages and and the feedback I received was amazing. Many of my friends suggested that I do a professional photo shoot, one of these people being fitness icon Jamie Eason. I had my first fitness shoot in May of 2010. As a result of that photo shoot I was published for the first time in the Aug/Sept 2010 issue of Planet Muscle magazine and was on the cover of Natural Muscle Magazine for the month of August 2010. Since then I’ve had multiple features in Planet
Muscle Magazine, published a fitness article in FitnessX Magazine, featured in Fitness Gurls Magazine, World
Physique Magazine – Swimsuit Edition, have been part of multiple fitness products commercials and was just on the December 2011′s cover of Iron Man Magazine along my friend Dan Decker.

Presently, I still work as a full time Registered Nurse and continue to train weight train 5x a week for about 1.5-2hrs each time. For the most part my workouts consist of heavy weight lifting and I like to train complimentary muscles together, e.g, Back/Bi’s, Chest/Tri’s, Legs, Shoulders/Abs, and I may add a couple of mins of cardio some days, but my true passion is training with weights.
Weight training does wonders for your body. You can shape and tone it to your liking and that’s what I love the most about it. You can fine-tune your physique depending on your goals. My goal is to add more lean muscle therefore, I lift as heavy as I can while always maintaining good form. I love seeing the positive changes in my physique and I’m very excited to see what else is in store for me in this fitness industry that I love so much.

I’m very grateful for the opportunities that I have encountered along the way, and I try my best to inspire and help others to achieve their goals. One thing I want to tell people is to go for it! If you are thinking is not possible for you to lose the weight that you want, or gain more muscle, or whatever your goal might be, don’t doubt yourself and just try it. You will find you are truly stronger than you think you are. Take it one day at a time, and everyday try to change something negative for a positive. Changes won’t happen overnight, but if you stay focused and work hard I guarantee more than likely you will see results and you will feel better about yourself because you know you have tried. Learn how to be your own best friend. A lot people including myself tend to be extra hard on ourselves. You have to remind yourself no one is perfect. You do have to train hard, eat healthy and continue to be hungry for improvement, but don’t put yourself down if you are not seeing the results you want, don’t compare yourself to others. We are all different, and we don’t always respond the same way or at the same rate others do. But, don’t let that deter you from your goals, learn to celebrate the positives, and focus on your achievements. Changes take time and you must learn to be patient. If you are not seeing results training 3x a week then train 6x a week, or see where your diet can improve even more. Stay consistent!, your hard work will pay off. Be patient and stay at it!!!
- Vanessa Tib

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